Why Field Force Management Solution a Boon to Sales team

Hard-working, skilled, disciplined, punctual and responsible sales individuals will invariably want a transparent structure to allow them to be awarded for all the rewards they are adding in the business growth. Well, manually, it isn’t practical. But, today’s tech-savvy world is quite advanced now and keeps a proper solution handy for each and every problem.

Field Force Management & Tracking Solution isn’t a spy-tool

The very best solution arrived on the scene from the digital industry to help sales team introduce the visibility in the business model is Field Force Management & Tracking Application. Initially people were extremely hesitant to use such a solution mainly because they had a misconception that the application would track all their real-time actions and then forward it to the higher management which, consequently, could certainly cut down their work freedom. Although, as time flew, the companies noticed a serious increase in work productivity and overall performance of using this solution and changed the mind of other competitors showing their hike in revenue graph.

There are numerous features of this application that lured the top industry leaders for using it. We will talk about some key reasons why businesses today happen to be focusing more on Field Force Management & Tracking Solution:

1. Daily Sales Report (DSR) Automation
Sales force is the root of organizational growth, and for that reason, at the end of day every sales executive is asked to maintain a report related to all workplace-related tasks carried out through the day. Surely, preparing it manually is although possible but can be erroneous at times and in addition, can be time-consuming.

The Field Force Management & Tracking App keeps all the work-related data at the tip of the finger. This solution is a combination of a web-based dashboard for top-level management and mobile App for sales reps. The manager is alerted/notified in real-time for activity done by field executives on the field via this solution.

The software is a real-time GPS based tracking system. This solution comes with two options for check-in and check-out, it can be done manually via app to notify the manager or can also be automated based on the office timing, so the GPS auto starts the tracking the current location through Geo tag at a specified time. The complete data starting with the Sales executive name, customer name, meeting location, time, the result of the meeting, images, etc. can be updated via the app for real-time updates to the management. The form fields are customizable so as to match the sales report for every company.

There are two significant benefits of collecting factual data in this way:

a. Field Force needs not to waste their work-time on maintaining the daily sales report.
b. They can utilize their time efficiently for other productive work.

2. Attendance management and productivity both are evenly important for sales team
Field executives hardly work within the office premises, and in addition, their work isn’t limited to 9 to 5. The clients can anytime contact reps as per their free time or work. The field professionals get their paycheck depending on the punctuality they exhibit during working hours, and so attendance plays a significant role here.

What if at the same time an executive gets caught between marking attendance and meeting potential client? Which option he or she should select first to go with? Selecting only one option would eventually hamper company’s progress. Don’t you feel a system was needed here to make both the tasks function simultaneously?

Field Force automation is the ultimate way to get rid of this issue. By using this app field force can mark their attendance in real-time from anywhere when they are busy in meeting with people. This way, by merely showing the virtual presence the sales force can perform efficiently to help generate the maximum revenue.

3. Great connection between sales-team and IT
Initially, sales reps were very less aware of the technology side; hence, they used to ignore knowing the complexity behind it. But, as time went by, the simplicity and flexibility of the applications dragged their attention and inspired them to get their hands on the app and trained in utilizing it.

There was a period when the entire business was dependent on the modern ideas developed by IT (information technology); however now, the IT depends upon which business processes are being followed. The user-friendly techniques applied by the IT industry is helping in increasing the confidence level of sales reps in operating this app and giving birth to a more smarter sales team.

4. Reward for hard work and create a competitive environment
There exists a psychological fact, “appreciate a person for anything that he does good, and he would come up with an enhanced version for the same piece of work next time”. It helps to improve the results in the business sector as well.

Gift your field staff better incentives, vocal appreciation, certificates as reward for their true efforts. Such praising fills enthusiasm in them and encourages for bringing even more efficiency.

It is correct to say that surrounding impacts us a lot more than anything. Finding their fellow workers performing better at the workplace will automatically drive other field executives to improve their performance and efficiency; thus, it helps in raising levels of competition amongst experienced professionals to improve the overall business growth.

5. Field force assisting business in big decision-making with authentic data
The real-time analytics and stats on the dashboard of higher management is proof of sales force work’s credibility. Organizations need to take many decisions to enhance their business models. But, sometimes wrong data can force an incorrect decision which can impact the entire unit adversely, so each decision should be based upon legitimate data and in favour of the entire company.

A person who is continuously putting in all the efforts at work generally keeps more informative data about user requirements and market needs. They will propose a much better idea that can meet the customer requirements and take your business to another degree of growth.

To know how TrackRover’s Field Force Management Solution can help your business to improve productivity, sales and ROI, get in touch with us.

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