IoT Solutions for Logistic Sector

IoT Based SaaS Enabled/Connected Tracking & Management Solutions for Logistics Industry

Top-priority objectives of any logistics company is to ensure just-in-time delivery, and quality services. The success of any logistics company lies in efficient inventory management and warehousing, fast delivery and taking care of safe storage and quality of goods.

Efficiency, optimization, speed and timing have always been crucial in logistics organisations. Trackrover offers IoT enabled tracking solutions with real-time clinical accuracy to optimize the resources & enhancing customer satisfaction ensuring high return on investment.

Our Offerings

Field Force Management

Manage, Track and Collaborate with your field personnel in real-time from your desktop or mobile.

RedDot Campus Tracking

Real-time in-premise tracking solution to track Students/Employees from your desktop or mobile.

IoT Asset Tracking

Tracking solution to track you powered and unpowered assets in real-time.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Remote real-time monitoring systems for temperature & humidity monitoring and other environmental variables.

Presence Attendance & Efficiency Monitoring

Indoor presence app for attendance and efficiency monitoring of employees & staff.