Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Remote real-time monitoring systems for Temperature & Humidity monitoring and other environmental variables.


Trackrover’s Temperature and Humidity monitoring is an ideal solution for industries/business where temperature and humidity maintenance is of utmost importance. Whether you are selling foods or want to maintain temperature in labs, keeping an eye on the temperature is of vital. Slightest of change can result in catastrophic outcome and thus ensuring optimal temperatures can prevent downtime and interruptions to business operations and productivity. Trackrover’s solution helps you maintain proper temperature & humidity and alert you in real-time if set figures go outside their optimal range. Trackrover’s Temperature and Humidity monitoring solution is ideal for Cold Storages, Hospitals, Pharmacy, Blood banks, Clinical Labs, Food service, Supermarkets, Transportation, and other industries where monitoring & maintaining temperature, humidity and other environmental variables is key.

Key Features

Real-time reliable data & alerts
100 percent accuracy
Manage location & Alerts
Fast, Customizable report
Mobile application
Monitor Anywhere, Anytime
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

Why Trackrover Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System?

Easy to Setup and Use
Low Cost
Good Wireless Range
Low Power & Long Life
Different Sensor Types
Global RF Frequencies