Connected Cow: A Game Changer in the Livestock Industry

IoT is growing significantly as consumers, governments and business recognize the benefits of connecting inert devices to internet.  IoT devices are transforming even the most remote industry. With over 25 billion connected objects expected for 2020 (information via Gartner), it is impossible not to realize that everything around us is changing, from the way we communicate with each other, to the way we work.

The cattle industry is no exception either. IoT sensors and software are collecting data for farmers that are opening up huge opportunities beyond increasing the productivity of herds. The IoT and Mobility technology expert company TrackRover provides an IoT-based solution to track the location and activities of livestock, prevent cattle rustling and illnesses, and, in summary, facilitate cattle and livestock management.

IoT-enabled Asset Tracking Solution for Livestock Management

The solution consists of tiny tags that employ IoT technology and are carried by the animals. Once the tag is placed into a cow it gives the real-time position of the animal & reduces costs as ranchers can locate their cattle easily and can be up-to-date to analyze their movements. Tracking the activities of livestock allows for preventing cattle rustling, helping ranchers understand cattle behavior and detecting problems such as a cow falling ill to separate from the herd and prevent the spread of disease.

How farmers can collect and analyze data from cattle?

This Livestock Management Solution is designed to provide a low-cost solution for tracking animals in ranch environments. It allows to track live location, the customizable forms allows to maintain the data to make better decisions for the livestock herd. It assists farmers in understanding the health and wellbeing of livestock through real-time monitoring. Therefore farmers can quickly access and manage their investment through an online website portal which can be accessible via mobile or desktop. All the information is stored in cloud storage which is secure, available 24*7 and helps you better manage your herd.

Why this Solution?

  • Livestock movement for Increased Productivity

Increasing the quality of milk and managing the livestock are one of the most important issues. This solution provides data that can be used to correlate movements with specific behaviors, such as grazing, socializing or lying down chewing the cud. This can help farmers to enhance milk production by keeping cows healthier and improving breeding efficiency.

  • Cattle rustling

This solution also facilitates real time cattle location in remote areas and provides theft early warning directly to the Mobile app and Desktop dashboard (IOT platform). Alerts can also be setup to inform the farmer when a cow is out-of-range and notifications can be sent via sms and emails also.

  • Fertility and health

The farmer can check the distance covered by the animal, whether the animal is walking too little or too much, which can be a sign of its health and whether it is in oestrus. Cows typically increase their walking as they come into a peak fertility phase, so the device can alert farmers to the best time for insemination.

  • Handy Records for Quick action

This solution has customizable forms so record what you need i.e. Calving date, Vaccination information, Hormones, weight gain, weight loss, medications. This data can be used as and when required. The information collected by Livestock tracking solution can be uploaded into many key animal management software also.

To know how TrackRover’s Asset Tracking Solution can help you better manage your livestock business to improve overall productivity, get in touch with us.

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