IoT Solutions for Agriculture Industry

IoT Based SaaS Enabled/Connected Tracking & Management Solutions for Agriculture Industry

Trackrover’s Innovative solutions are transforming agriculture industry by empowering farmers and growers to deal with the challenges they face. Agriculture and farming have always been a high-risk & labor-intensive and low reward industry where they are likely to be impacted by expected environmental changes, and other factors.

Our solutions can help farmers and growers in a number of ways. Our sensors can be deployed in farms and farming machineries to enable farmers to get insightful data, like monitoring the stage of the crop, the health of the crop, the quantity of fertilizer used, the temperature of stored produce, number of seeds planted, water availability, the status of farming machinery and equipments, etc. Farmers can easily track environmental variables and informed decisions.

Trackrover’s solutions deployment in farms and agriculture can address many challenges and increase the quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness of agricultural production.

Our Offerings

Field Force Management

Track and Collaborate with your field force in real-time from your desktop or mobile.