About TrackRover

TrackRover is all about bringing the right set of technologies to help in understanding movement patterns of individuals and assets in an organization or institution. This cutting edge IoT and Mobile, SaaS platform puts the data and predictive, machine learning data analysis into use for fundamental benefits around the increase in productivity, the velocity of transactions, and safety for our customers.

Industry Verticals

IoT Solutions for Education Sector


IoT Solutions for Manufacturing Industry


IoT Solutions for Retail Industry


IoT Solutions for Hospitality


IoT Solutions for Logistic Industry



IoT Solutions for Agriculture


IoT Solutions for BFSI


Our Offerings

Field Force Management

Manage, Track and Collaborate with your field personnel in real-time from your desktop or mobile.

RedDot Campus Tracking

Real-time in-premise tracking solution to track students/employees from your desktop or mobile.

IoT Asset Tracking

Tracking solution to track your powered and unpowered assets in real-time.

Trackrover Presence

Indoor presence app for attendance and efficiency monitoring.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Remote real-time monitoring systems for temperature & humidity monitoring and other environmental variables.

KYC Automation

Enables you to automate the KYC document submission process.

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About our Team

Vijay Mysore

Co-Founder and CEO

Amod Phadke

Co-Founder, Chief Sales Officer

P.S Ravindranath (PSR)

Senior VP Quality and Delivery

Sridhar Ranganathan

Co-Founder and Advisor