Field Sales Force Tracking Solution

Field Force Management

Manage, Track and Collaborate with field personnel to improve productivity and efficiency to achieve end customer satisfaction.


Field force management mobility solution enables supervised, well managed, and tracked performances which can improve the productivity and efficiency of the business be it Sales or Services.

Field Force Management enables both seamless field operations and real-time service for customers. Field Force management enables the on field members to have access to the right information and be both cost- and time-efficient in scheduling and routing.

Trackrover’s Field Force management is a one-stop solution for you to digitally transform your mobile workforce and the way it operates. With its comprehensive suite for your mobile workforce, the solutions are tailored for large enterprises and small/medium-sized businesses- which enables to perform the following operations seamlessly:

Field Force Management Tracking

Key Features

Go Mobile in Minutes
Location intelligence
Web Based Command Center
Attendance and Leave management
Dynamic Templates and Business Forms
Analysis reports
Location Tagged Pictures for Site Audits, Safety Reports
Travel Reports
Fraud Prevention
Data Collection, Order Booking and Payment Collection
Expense Claims
Voice Tags to reduce Typing
Location validation

Field Force Management across Verticals

TrackRover’s Field Force management for Service companies

Use TrackRover FieldForce product to push tasks to on-field personnel
Automatically push tasks to a person closest to a location
Measure productivity
Allows Field Personnel to capture pictures, voice etc as part of task updates
Allows Field Personnel to carry out Audit Tasks at a particular site
Others (Allows Field Personnel to submit expense reports etc., Allows training material other documents to be streamed to field personnel)

Return on Investment

Central office gets a real-time view on the status of tasks. Increases efficiencies
Field Personnel sign in from wherever they are. No need to come to the office to mark Attendance

TrackRover’s Field Force management for Real Estate, Construction, Road Builders, Government Agencies

Use FieldForce products to get near real-time Visual Updates from remote sites or routes
Location Tagged pictures are used to monitor progress at specific sites
Pictures can be classified using pre-defined tags for analysis

Return on Investment

Reduces number of trips that need to be made to sites for inspection
A company that builds Mobile Towers reduced the number of trips from 7 to 3. Each trip cost $500-$800 depending on the distance of the site from the base office. An average saving of $2000 per tower. At 40 towers a month, the math is easy to do

TrackRover’s Field Force management for Agri Companies

Are using Trackrover’s VigilM mobile products to get pictorial updates from Multiple Farmer locations
Using data collected to analyze Crop Status, Fix Crop Problems, Predict Harvest dates etc.
Crop Problems can be analyzed using pictures and tasks pushed to field personnel
Perform Site Audits using a mobile device
Historical and Seasonal Analysis
Manage Partners, Add Orders, Make Collections
Others (Expense Reports, Mobile Training)

Return on Investment

Better warehouse planning from Harvest Planning
Visibility on Crop stages improves production efficiencies
Locational Validation prevents fraud
Prevention of crop problems results in tremendous savings