6 Reasons to Invest In a Campus Tracking System for Educational Institutes (Part 1)

6 Reasons to Invest In a Campus Tracking System for Educational Institutes (Part 1)

Campus tracking system for educational institutes, also known as student tracking systems are hardware and software packages designed to monitor students and staff members within the campus as well as outside for extended security. While in campus, it makes use of BLE technology to pin point the location of a student & staff and provide real-time location and alerts. When outside the campus, bus and students are tracked by GPS technology to provide location and provide real-time information to parents and the school management. These systems are considered to provide extra safety to students traveling in school buses while also making management of the school bus fleet less complicated for the school authorities.

Student tracking systems are slowly but steadily gaining popularity all over the world. As each year passes, an increasing number of schools are issuing mandatory identity cards with tags. But a lot of school administrators are apprehensive about adopting this system to their schools. Some of them cite student privacy as the main cause of worry. Others are simply afraid to embrace new technology. However, the positives of the student tracking system far outweigh the negatives. Here are some reasons why it is a good idea for every school to invest in a student/campus tracking system.

  • Real-time student, teacher and staff position

Real-time location of students, teachers and staff can be monitored. The “geo-fencing” feature tracks the user’s movements within the campus and alerts can be pushed when a user leaves the assigned area or enters into a confined area. Alerts are sent to the admin on SMS and Email to ensure that the admin responds instantly.

  • Panic Button for Emergency

The Panic button on the ID helps students or user to call for help in case of emergency. Alerts are sent to the admin and action can be taken immediately.

  • Attendance & Efficiency enhancement

Student’s attendance can be taken with the help of app, thus saving time. Also, attendance and efficiency of staff and teachers can be monitored and enhanced accordingly.

  • Missing Student Warnings

If a student has not boarded the school bus, the bus driver, the parents and the school authorities will get notified instantly. The warning will help in avoiding situations where students are left stranded in school after missing the school bus.

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