IoT Solutions for Banking, financial services and insurance industry

IoT Based SaaS Enabled/Connected Tracking & Management Solutions for BFSI Industry

When it comes to technology adoption, banks and financial organizations took a positive turn a few years back. IoT is transforming BFSI industry as well, mainly because it increases transparency, automate trading and investment activities, increase payment transaction security, improve customer services and improve collateral tracking as the key reason.

Nowadays customers demand convenient and personalized services. Majority of people are opting for online/mobile banking apps and, most recently, contactless payment technologies too. By implementing Trackrover’s solution for the BFSI industry, one can provide customers with a more personalized experience, context-aware offers, and insights. Our solutions can enable banks to innovate and devise better ways to manage & track workforce, proper & quick KYC & documentation, improve risk management and improve overall operational efficiency.

Our Offerings

Field Force Management

Manage, Track and Collaborate with your field personnel in real-time from your desktop or mobile.

RedDot Campus Tracking

Real-time in-premise tracking solution to track students/employees from your desktop or mobile.

IoT Asset Tracking

Tracking solution to track your powered and unpowered assets in real-time.

Presence Attendance & Efficiency Monitoring

Indoor presence app for attendance and efficiency monitoring.

KYC Automation

Enables you to automate the KYC document submission process.