IoT Solutions for Retail Shops

IoT Based SaaS Enabled/Connected Tracking & Management Solutions for Retail Industry

Retail industry has been impacted hugely by customer demands and so technology has revolutionized the retail business as well. Today’s customers want immediate & easy shopping experience and shifting to 24/7 available online shops, be it for groceries, clothing to expensive high value capital purchases.

In such a scenario, it is vital for Brick and Mortar stores to get more footfalls, converting them to actual sales and get customers back for repeat purchases. We offer IoT based tracking & management tools for retailers to ensure they remain efficient & competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

Our Offerings

Field Force Management

Manage, Track and Collaborate with your field personnel in real-time from your desktop or mobile.

RedDot Campus Tracking

Real-time in-premise tracking solution to track Employees from your desktop or mobile.

IoT Asset Tracking

Tracking solution to track your powered and unpowered assets in real-time.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Remote real-time monitoring systems for temperature & humidity monitoring and other environmental variables.

Presence Attendance & Efficiency Monitoring

Indoor presence app for attendance and efficiency monitoring of employees & staff.