Field Force Management Solution- A Blessing for Every Industry Vertical

Field Force Management Solution- A Blessing for Every Industry Vertical

In the current fast developing era, Industries are struggling to manage their field-force efficiently. Industries such as logistics & delivery, travel & transportation, ecommerce, construction, and others, employ a big chunk of their task-force to work in the field to perform the company’s flagship service faces this challenge the most. Every business tries its best to overcome the challenge, but it is a herculean task for field service managers to manage the field force team as often times, the team works in different locations and sometimes in other parts of the world.

Such situations, where there is a gap between managers and field-force team creates a gray area for management, where managers have no clue of the job status, possible risks, and location of field employees. Field workers, on the other hand, have no clue how to fix possible risks, recent work/plan of action and further assignments. This handicaps business, as once out on the field, the next strategy and plan of action could only be planned after the field force reports back. Though, this is not the case with the companies that take advantage of TrackRover’s Field Force Management Solution.

Trackrover’s Field Force management is an end-to-end solution for companies to digitally transform their mobile workforce and the way it operates. When it comes to managing big teams on field and the data, there is no comparison for this IoT-enabled solution. Designed specifically to bridge the gap between decision-makers/managers and field force, it brings the complete team on the same wavelength. It enables companies to Manage, Track and Collaborate with field personnel in real-time; at the same time, give complete control of workflow to the managers to improve productivity and efficiency to achieve end-customer satisfaction. Moreover, mobile app and cloud-enabled storage allow 24/7 data availability at your fingertips.

Some benefits of TrackRover’s Field-Force Management solution:

For Decision Makers/Managers:

  • Real-time Location tracking of field-personnel 
  • Keeping field force updated with remote real-time task allocations, despite geographical barriers
  • Getting comprehensive, real-time field service management data, like progress update, location & route, with locatio- tagged pictures
  • Quick risk management, by enabling real-time change in schedule and workflow
  • Seamlessly assignment of tasks to the field force, without the need to talk in person
  • Efficiently manage attendance and expense claims by field-force

For Remote Field Force:

  • Real-time reporting to managers
  • Reduced time-lag by the elimination of paper-based reporting system
  • Receive task and instructions ahead of time on mobile devices
  • Critical information is made available 24/7; eliminating office visits and the need to contact the office

TrackRover’s Field Force Management solution connects the dots of different aspects of field service management and gives the competitive edge a business needs to have over its competitors. To know how this solution can help your business to improve productivity, sales and ROI, get in touch with us.

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