Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution – A boon for Cold Storage Warehouses, Supply Chain & Supermarkets

Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Solution – A boon for Cold Storage Warehouses, Supply Chain & Supermarkets

Dealing with goods that require constant environmental variables throughout is no easy thing for any business. Healthcare, Logistics & Warehouses, Manufacturing, and Retail industries are a few to name who face this challenge on a day-to-day basis. Cold storage warehouses and retail shops/supermarkets and refrigerated transport industry encounter this problem the most, where maintaining and monitoring the temperature conditions of perishable goods are of the utmost importance throughout the process, right from storing in the warehouse to transporting to supermarkets/retail shops. There is always a big risk of important losses when something doesn’t work well in the supply chain. The truth is continuous temperature monitoring is crucial to ensure the safety of temperature-sensitive goods, be it fresh food, plants, or medicines and for company survival in today’s tough market.

Manual reading of temperature was the most used method for monitoring which was never accurate enough and to be relied on. The process also requires high personnel costs with slow reactions in case of malfunction events and alarms. Wired temperature sensors soon became a common tool with challenges and issues with installation, scalability, and maintenance. For companies with a large number of remote location centers, maintenance and supervision involve disproportionately high costs.

So how can you be confident that the goods stored in the remote warehouse or fridges or in-transit are constantly kept in the right conditions? What happens if or when a unit breaks down or – perhaps more worryingly – if it is accidentally switched off and reset to a significantly lower temperature? The consequences can be fatal. The good news is that such an incident can be prevented by TrackRover’s Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System.

TrackRover has special tags that can capture temperature details of an environment or liquids and ensure the desired result from a centrally managed dashboard. This IoT-enabled system empowers you to measure, collect and wirelessly transmit temperature readings and storage conditions for live monitoring. With the features like instant Alerts (via email, sms, and app notification), multiple location management, customizable reports, and mobile app & desktop dashboard, this solution empowers the user to avoid any mishap in real-time. The utilization of Bluetooth technology with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) components ensures optimized and low power consumption.

What are the business benefits of installing TrackRover’s Real-time temperature monitoring system?

Real-time spot damage control – In case of a mishap, the malfunction is spotted in that exact moment. Email & SMS alerts are sent to the concerned people so all the necessary measures to restore the functioning can be rolled out. This significantly reduces stock losses.

Human Error risk – Automated data transmission removes any kind of suspicion that the monitoring could be deliberately or not sabotaged by any kind of mistakes an employee can make. The temperature can be checked at any time using Mobile app and desktop dashboard.

A better way to settle disputes – If there’s ever an incident where the supplier and carrier are not sure who to hold responsible for unsafe goods, then having an easily accessible & accurate record available is a big advantage.

Cost savings – Every breakdown is immediately signaled using an automated data monitoring dashboard, so a business could save a lot of money in energy and maintenance bills as the equipment could be fixed as soon as any problem occurs.

This solution is a perfect fit for companies dealing with food storage and refrigerated transport, IT server rooms, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, winery, blood banks, and every company which needs specific temperature and humidity conditions for their products.

Successful companies employ tools that generate a competitive advantage by eliminating surprises and by pro-actively managing their business. TrackRover’s unique technology and expertise are provisioning companies with a real-time view of their products and assets and with means to react on the spot to ensure both the safety of stored goods as well as proof that a warehouse follows strict quality control processes.

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