Welcome to TrackRover

Welcome to TrackRover TrackRover is all about bringing the right set of technologies to help in understanding movement patterns of individuals and assets in an institution. This cutting edge SAAS platform puts the data and predictive, machine learning data analysis into use for fundamental benefits around increase in productivity, velocity of transactions, and…

RedDot – Campus Platform

We are proud to start the deployment of our TrackRover Presence, Campus platform at one of the leading schools in Nagpur. Once deployed, the platform will provide Safety both indoors and outdoors for 400 plus staff and 4000 children across a 13 Acre campus. Our first win. Many more to come

Introducing TrackRover Presence

Gone are the days of Swiping and Tapping. The TrackRover Presence Platform,  basically uses BLE Tags and Sensors to identify and locate people indoors. After the initial pilot phase, we’ve implemented this solution in several small offices and warehouses. TrackRover is also working with companies that provide security personnel to implement the Presence…