Case Study: Trackrover’s Campus Track-Delhi Public School (Nagpur)

Case Story

• Customer-DPS Nagpur
– Large School with 300 Staff members and nearly 4000
– Looking at Productivity improvement of staff
(including teachers)
• Trigger Alerts and Alarms during exigencies and non-compliances
– Proximity Alerts
– Location Based Alerts
– Non-Compliance Alerts
– Safety of Children both inside and outside campus
– Reduce manual intervention in areas like Bus
• Monitoring, Children Attendance, Staff Monitoring

The Solution

• TrackRover indoor sensors across campus
• Tags attached to ID Cards for Staff and Children
• Auto Attendance of Children right from the time
they get onto the bus to the time they are
dropped off (including locational intelligence to
determine whether they are being dropped off at
the right location)
• Work Schedules of Staff directly imported into the
• Multiple alerts across Web Dashboards, Mobile
Apps for designated personnel

Return on Investment

• Significant reduction of personnel due to
• Immediate alert on non-compliance
• Alarms for exigencies
• Enhancement in safety of students – huge
factor in parent satisfaction
• Notifications on pattern deviation

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